Peppercorns Pink (Catering)

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These little jewels are so tasty and versatile, feisty and flavorful champions of variety. Their delicate fruitiness can be a revelation to those who've only had black pepper before. These spicy, dried berries possess a deep, more rounded pepperiness,

A sweet fruity flavor reminiscent of a berry with an attitude added to curry works really well or simply milled on to your food (including salads). Pink peppercorns contain an unexpected fruitiness plays well with many other ingredients including garlic and lemongrass in say a Thai or Indian curry.

As a family business our goal is to supply you with the finest quality products available combined with ‘old fashioned’ friendly service.

After 15+ years in the food business supplying both the public and business alike we have learnt a thing or two, we only sell products we can personally endorse – everything we list we use ourselves at home (and are happy to share recipes with you all).

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