Pepper Black Ground / Powder (Sachets)

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Our Ground Black Pepper is made from the finest the fruits of the Piper nigrum preserving all the flavour to give the finest taste and aroma. Ready to use in a wide variety of dishes.Our Ground Black Pepper can be added straight to any dish. Our Ground Black Pepper is one the most popular spices around the world today, used in food flavouring as a hot and pungent spice. Black pepper is also used in medicine, particularly for digestive ailments.

All of our herbs & spice are 100% natural, we do not use artifical colouring, flavour enhancers, msg or additives.

Because the ingredients have been stored and processed as dry, they keep their aroma and flavour for much longer without spoiling, making them a great convenient cooking ingredient.

As a family business our goal is to supply you with the finest quality products available combined with ‘old fashioned’ friendly service.

After 15+ years in the food business supplying both the public and business alike we have learnt a thing or two, we only sell products we can personally endorse – everything we list we use ourselves at home (and are happy to share recipes with you all).

We are very happy to say that all of our packaging- bags & labels – the lot, can all be recycled.

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