Chinese 5 Spice (Catering)

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Our delicious and highly aromatic Chinese five-spice powder enhances stir-fried vegetables, chicken, and especially meats such as pork, beef and duck. Five-spice powder isn't hot and can be used as a spice rub on chicken & seafoods, as well as beef stews.

The 5 spice is widely used in oriental cooking and also in Arabic cooking.

On ribs or bbq chicken are our families favourite.

As a family business our goal is to supply you with the finest quality products available combined with ‘old fashioned’ friendly service.

After 15+ years in the food business supplying both the public and business alike we have learnt a thing or two, we only sell products we can personally endorse – everything we list we use ourselves at home (and are happy to share recipes with you all).

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